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The most colourful people at Couleur Café

Last weekend we went to Couleur Café with our Chase team. Couleur Café is not only a festival to discover great new music, food, graffiti art and all that good stuff, but also a festival to discover new people.

It might be weird to describe, but it is a festival where people come together with an open mind. Once you walk past the Atomium, you enter a place where people can be themselves and do whatever they want, well almost whatever they want… A place for kids, youngsters, hipsters, people of age, Rastafari, parents and so on! Everybody is welcome.

We wanted to meet some of these people and tried to find the most colourful people at Couleur Café. Or at least some of the most colourful since everybody is a bit crazy in their own positive way there!



Why are you dressed so colourful today?

Because I just truly love every kind of music represented at this festival. The vivid energy that surrounds this place is amazing. The artists themselves have a certain amount of energy which I really like. I guess we can say it quite reflects in this outfit!

If there is one thing that you could do to change the world what would it be?

I think that everybody should have a more positive attitude. We have to work together to create a better future for the next generation. If everybody would work on themselves to create a better world it would be a better place for everybody!

What’s the best album to make love to?

"Ah, c’est Bob Marley! I really like Bob Marley!"

Why Couleur Café?

I love the festival because of the idea of bringing every generation and every kind of person together in one place. The festival reflects a sense of tolerance towards mankind and that also reflects in the various types of music and culture you can find here. There is plenty of African music, hip-hop, dubstep, Latino… It is a very nice mix of everything which I like very much!



How is your day going at Couleur Café?

Very nice! It’s my first time here but I really like it.

Is there a story behind your outfit?

Yes, it’s basically for fun but it reflects the colours of Greece as well!

Do you have Greek roots?

No not at all, but I just like Greece (laughs).

Is there something else you would like to check today?

Yes, I am definitely going to check out Ziggy Marley!

If there is one thing that you could do to change the world what would it be?

Peace to the world for everybody!

Would reggae music be the perfect weapon for that?


Why did you come to Couleur Café and why did you bring your children with you?

Because we knew there were a few things for kids and we wanted to see a few reggae artists today. We also thought that if the sound wouldn’t be too loud our kids would enjoy it anyway. We also expected to find some ice-cream somewhere for our children.

Did they get their ice-cream already?

Yes, absolutely! They got ice-cream, some nice fruit juices and make-up!

What music would you want your kids to listen to when they grow older?

Dad: Well I’m really into rock & roll and reggae and my wife is more into electronic music but we will provide our kids with a musical mix of everything!

If there is one record you would give to your kids, which one would it be?

Dad: I think it would be a record from Queen.

If there is one thing that you could do to change the world what would it be?

We would try to give more and better education to the people in the world.

Charlotte, Laura & Maïsha

Charlotte, Laura & Maïsha

Is this your first time at Couleur Café?

No not at all we’ve been coming here for quite some time!

Why do you always come back to Couleur Café?

Charlotte: I come for the food. (laughs)

Laura & Maïsha: We come here because every age is represented and the atmosphere is great. For us as students it is also the ideal start of the summer every year we come here for three days of great atmosphere and parties and afterwards, we can say: “alright now the summer can really start!”.

If there is one thing that you girls could do to change the world, what would it be?

Well, we’ve just been talking about the plastic cups they’re handing out here. It might be a start by changing those to recyclable cups which you pay for or something.

We’d also say everybody should become vegetarian!

We’ve got one spicy question left, if there is one record you recommend to make love to, which one would it be?

Akua Naru has some sweet loving music and Masego as well actually, which we are going to check this weekend of course!

Lo & Audrey

Lo & Audrey

What’s the story behind your outfits?

We were born like this!

Lo: Yes, actually I always felt like a unicorn and one day I woke up and thought this is the outfit for me. We are happy wearing this outfit! (jokingly laughs)

Is this your first time at Couleur Café?

Lo: “No, wow” actually I’ve been coming here for over 15 years now. (looks flabbergasted at himself)

Audrey: For me, it’s the fourth time I’ve visited the festival.

Are you guys a couple, friends, unicorn buddies?

Yes, we are a couple and we’ve known each other for four years now.

Where did you find the outfit?

We made it ourselves!

Where do you find the stuff to make this?

There is a store in Brussels called ‘Schleiper’ who sells stuff for creative hobbyists so it’s pretty cheap and fun to make!

If there is one thing that you could do to change the world what would it be?

More love between the people, more people like us, more unicorns!

(Then they smiled together while the world suddenly became a better place...)

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