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On a search for CBD in Switzerland with Ghent-based shop Ganō

CBD, the legal version of cannabis, is known for its medical use. It has been all over the news the past few months. Together with Gauthier Cornelis, owner of Ganō shop in Ghent, we went on a trip to Switzerland, where the top quality hemp cannabinoid extracts are produced.

Article by Yaell Monas, pictures and video by Bavo Goossens

CBD hemp is cannabis with a very low THC-value, in fact, the value has to be under 0.2 per cent to stay legal. CBD with low THC-value has been known for its strong medical use since it does not cause any intoxication and is not psychotropic. This means there are no psychic side effects, but there are possible therapeutic effects such as antioxidant, antipsychotic and anti-inflammatory effects. The CBD content in common cannabis is usually less than one per cent to achieve a better high. Due to the higher CBD content, CBD cannabis is legal in its pure form.



In the CBD world, there are some internal differences: there’s indica, sativa and hybrid CBD. Indica is physically relaxing, sativa has a more uplifting effect and hybrid is a crossbreed. Therefore it’s important to know what you buy. A benefit with CBD shops is that you get information on what you buy, rather than buying it from an illegal dealer.

Before opening a shop, Gauthier wanted to make sure the product he was aiming to sell was quality. Therefore he went to Switzerland, the European capital of CBD products. In Switzerland, it's completely legal to produce and use CBD. In Belgium, there still is some controversy about the use of CBD. Gauthier can sell it as potpourri, but not as an actual product for human use. Our videographer Bavo Goossens went with him and shot a video to show where CBD is produced.

You can find a Ganō shop in Ghent and soon a second one will open in Oostduinkerke!

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