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5 Things You Need To Know About Tory Lanez

Many of you already know Tory Lanez from his hit songs "Controlla (Remix)" and "LUV" and his collabs with other artists. But you might wanna know another thing or two (or five?) to prepare for his show in AB Brussels next week. Let's get into to the details, shall we?

Article by Nadia Hanssens

1. Small stature, tough guy.
Canadian hip-hop artist Tory Lanez may not be the tallest guy in the scene, but he got personality for days. He had to overcome a lot of trials to get where he stands today, but his big personality and talent weren't overlooked. He once had a bad experience performing, and decided to write a song about it. In the lyrics to his song 'Loners Blvd.', he says: "I lay down Houston around nine, warehouse live. It was my worst show ever, n***** damn near got booed off stage."

2. Is Tory Lanez his real name?
Tory Lanez has Caribbean parents, more specifically he's of Barbadian and Curacaoan descent. His birth name, Daystar Peterson, didn't deliver him a good artist alias though. His friend Hakeem gave him the nickname 'Lanez' due to the rapper's troublemaking tendencies. Tory used to run into roads and play in the lanes, without looking at the traffic.

Tory Lanez Ancienne Belgique

3. Canadian (and other) beef.
Tory Lanez is no stranger to a little confrontation. He went back and forth dissing Eric Bellinger and Travis Scott. But the longest running beef is between the number two and number one rappers of Canada: respectively, him and Drake. In 2010, a video surfaced dubbing Tory Lanez "Drake's little brother". After that, Tory challenged Drake to listen to his mixtape, betting $10,000 that he would like it. Drake didn't accept nor did he respond. They kept on putting out disses towards each other for years, until last year. They finally buried the hatchet and word goes they're even buddies now.

4. No features needed.
Tory Lanez' debut album 'I Told You', has no features. "You know, I don't really need any features on it," he told HotNewHipHop. But interestingly, the project does contain 14 skits or excerpts of his life story. While he started off with his voice only, the new album 'Memories don't Die' features some big names like Wiz Khalifa, Future and 50 cent.

5. What about the new album?
We already talked abut the features, but that's hardly the greatest thing about 'Memories don't Die'. The vocals are smooth as usual and the tracks are crisp. In this album, you'll find songs for every mood. Whether you're feeling pumped and ready to party or thinking about chillin', Tory's got a song for all the feels. We can't wait to see him perform 'Shooters', but you should definitely take a look at the cinematic video too. The song might sound like your average shooter talk, but taking into account the gun violence in the US, the video really hits home.

See you at AB the 28th of September?

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