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Tinted Souls EP5 with ONHA: “music motivated me to get my sh*t together”

Agneskena is no stranger within the Chase team, think of her fashion editorials and articles on social topics such as the identity crisis among Belgian-Congolese youngsters. With her 'Tinted Souls' project, she shares the stories of individuals who, like her, are tinted by their art. This project is her way of getting in touch with people and each episode embodies the emotions, beauty, sensitivity but above all, the honesty of the bond they have with their passion. Agneskena herself takes care of the technical part and the 'Tinted Souls' of the magic. In this episode, we are introduced to rapper, singer, and beatmaker Onha.

Article by Roan Vermeyen, images by Agneskena. This project was made possible with the support of the Flemish Journalism Fund.


Agneskena: “Through one of my best friends, who strongly believes in his energy, potential, and music. His work made me very curious and I really wanted to meet him, and we finally did. Onha is super energetic and a positive and honest person. When I first met him, I immediately felt a connection. Without this important connection, I can’t work with someone. Luckily Onha and I clicked and created this episode together.


Agneskena: “To me, the most important thing is he, as a person. Onha is a young man who has been through a lot. Yet he is a fierce go-getter and that’s exactly what I wanted to visualize. You go through stuff and you stumble but that will make you into who you are. Onha’s perseverance is high and he believes in his abilities. He truly goes for it and this is very visible in both the episode and his lyrics. I think that's what inspires me: a young man with so much ambition and ready to take on the world. I just want people to see his fire and I hope that it helps or inspires them.”


Agneskena: “If I have learned one thing from working with young artists, it is that being young does not give you fewer opportunities. It also does not mean that you shouldn’t go for things because you think you’re ‘not strong enough yet’. These days, a lot of young people just take a chance. That is something I never did when I was young because I thought people weren’t going to take me seriously. Artists like Onha just think “I’m young, so what?! I will find or create my place in this industry and you will hear from me!” and that’s really cool. These passionate artists taught me that self-confidence does not have a minimum age.”

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