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Tinted Souls EP7 with Arlet: “My love for capturing moments made me who I am today”

Agneskena is no stranger within the Chase team. She recently did an editorial about colorful eye-makeup trends for fall season 2020. With her 'Tinted Souls' project, she shares the stories of individuals who, like her, are tinted by their art. This project is her way of getting in touch with people and each episode embodies the emotions, beauty, sensitivity but above all, the honesty of the bond her subjects have with their passion. Agneskena herself takes care of the technical part and the 'Tinted Souls' of the magic. In this episode, we meet photographer Arlet.

Article by Roan Vermeyen, images by Agneskena. This project was made possible with the support of the Flemish Journalism Fund.

What makes Arlet special as an artist?

Agneskena: “Arlet and I both were a part of an exhibition about Black History Month. The idea that we share the same ideals as well as a passion for photography, made it hard not to want to work with him. I think what makes him special as an artist is the fact that he found and is still finding himself through his work. This journey of self-discovery is so special and beautiful and one that I can only appreciate and admire as a fellow artist who is living a similar experience. I also feel his urge to tell stories and create.”

How would you describe fellow photographer, Arlet’s work?

Agneskena: “I think that at the moment, Arlet is doing some soul-searching on an artistic level. By photographing anything that attracts his eye and experimenting he’s trying to discover what he likes. At this point, it’s great to not overthink things and just go with your gut, which is what he does. He frequently uses people as the focus of his work, plays with warm and rich tones, and selects well-balanced colors. All to create personal images while staying true to his style and passion.”

Would you ever consider working together with Arlet on a project?

Agneskena: “If I would ever work with Arlet? Yes, please! I think (and hope) that that is the next step in my ‘artistic career’. The idea of sharing ideas and feelings with people, to learn from others, and broaden my horizons by getting to know and work with other people, really fascinates me. I picture myself working with Arlet and other inspiring artists. Hopefully, that dream can soon become reality.”

How was it to photograph another photographer?

Agneskena: “Well, in the moment of the shoot, Arlet was just my model. If I would’ve asked him to take on the role of a photographer or something else, he would have done that, but it was clear that he was just being himself as a person. That was really what I was looking for. It’s such an intimate moment when you get to create something with just the two of you. He knew when he was being photographed and filmed but trusted me enough to show his weaker side. I felt that it was an emotional experience with the right person, at the right time and at the perfect place.”

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