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Travel to New York through our Instagram takeover by photographer Sacha Claes

The Hasselt-based video- and photographer Sacha Claes brings along his camera wherever he goes. In his portfolio you’ll find colourful pictures he took on various trips. He captures stunning nature scenes, as well as the beauty of big cities. As a Chase team member, he also shot some nice atmospheric images at several concerts, festivals and events.

Besides keeping busy with photography, Sacha produces videos as well. He recently started a cinematography series called ‘faces’ in which he wants to capture a fictional story, the personality and emotions of different people. You can find the first two parts of this series on his YouTube channel. He also made several portrait videos on different Belgian creatives for Chase.

Past winter he paid a memorable visit to New York City. For this Instagram takeover he shared 7 shots he took in the Big Apple. Discover more about Sacha and his trip to the most notorious city in his takeover.

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