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Tyler, the Creator’s evolution as a fashion designer

Tyler, the Creator had a central role in building the Odd Future brand designing Odd Future-branded socks, and later he started his own Golf Wang clothing line. Since 2016, Tyler can  even call himself a runway designer. The rapper managed to translate his trademark style into his brand in the form of bright colors and very clever branding. We took a look at the evolution of Tyler as a designer:

Odd Future Merch
When Odd Future released their debut mixtape in 2010, the collective set out to make themselves masters of merch. Odd Future opened a pop-up store in Los Angeles that ended up becoming a permanent streetwear fixture. The store was also home to Tyler’s new line, Golf Wang, which released its first official lookbook, “Holiday 1991” in December 2011.

Controversial merch
One design from Golf Wang’s Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook caused tension within Odd Future. The Internet’s Syd and Matt Martians spilled their guts on Twitter about the T-shirts and hats featuring an image of a person in blackface. They said that many of the people wearing them would be white, and producing a T-shirt like that was irresponsible. 

Tyler also showed how he felt about the presidential election last year. He dropped two election themed T-shirts — one pro-Bernie and the other anti-Trump. Tyler slammed the Republican candidate, showing him smiling from ear to ear, with a Hitler mustache, above the dates of the next presidential term and the inscription “we fucked up.”


We all know Tyler’s collaboration with Vans. Having partnered every year since 2013, their collaborations have become progressively more ‘Tyler’ over the years. It’s clear he’s becoming more comfortable and confident as a designer with every release.




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Tyler was recently spotted wearing a pair of what many were speculating to be Golf Wang x Converse One Stars. Such a collaboration would mean that Tyler’s relationship with Vans has come to an end. You can watch the official Converse announcement here.



Possible Colorways of Golf Le Fleur x Converse

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Runway designer
Golf Wang’s biggest achievement to date happened in June 2016 at MADE fashion week in Los Angeles: a showcase of fashion, music and creativity. They presented their first runway show alongside some of the biggest names in the industry like Moschino by Jeremy Scott, a designer Tyler's been looking up to since he was a kid. The presentation wasn't limited to just models walking down the runway. The show also included skits, a live musical performance and they even used a virtual reality livestream. You can watch the whole show on YouTube.




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Tyler hasn't released a new line of merchandise for his new album Scum Fuck Flower Boy yet. We're really looking forward to what Tyler's influence will be for the fashion industry the next couple of years. 

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