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Underground Occupy Mainstream took over the Ancienne Belgique

Written by Fleur Timmerman. Pictures by Nicolas Grootjans.

The underground clubbing scene in Brussels has been struggling. There aren't enough locations where alternative music can unfold. As a means of protest, Underground Occupy Mainstream took over the Ancienne Belgique in quite an unusual way.

Brussels finest Hijack

The Facebook event of Underground Occupy had been circulating for a while, but the location remained unknown until the day of the event. The Ancienne Belgique might come across as an illogical, mainstream choice. But this is what the symbolic concept is all about: turning a neat place into something more rugged, creating dialogue, demanding other visions.

Atmosphere wise they succeeded in their mission. The laid-back entrance hall was transformed into a gloomy marketplace & arcade games got people flocking together. Provocative banners like 'SOLIDARITÉ AVEC LA ZAD' and 'DEXIA NEVER FORGET' wrapped the concert hall. The stage background displayed their vision in words.

The line-up also resonated with the alternative approach. Artists like Stikstof, Zwangere Guy, Isha, Jay MNG shared and took over the stage with an intense live performance. The most outstanding act of the night was Tat2noisact. One thing was clear, Ancienne Belgique wasn't Ancienne Belgique for one night.

Agree to disagree

The aftermath opinions on this evening have been diverse, but according to the organisation that's alright: "We don't have to agree to have a strong and good conversation".

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