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Belgian R&B: 6 upcoming artists to watch

Feeling sensual and in the mood for some slow dancing? Instead of listening to The Weeknd or SZA, you might want to support some local talent while vibing. Keep on reading to discover six upcoming Belgian R&B artists!

Article by Eline Rymenans

A'Danté Moris
A’Danté Moris is an upcoming R&B artist from Ghent and ‘Low life’ is the first single of his upcoming 2019 EP ‘Pain for Pleasure’. He's another artist emerging from Pelican Street Studios, just like MONARCQ and Elodie Imani. In his music, A’Danté shares his passion for storytelling and self-expression. He uses his songs as an outlet for sharing his life stories while performing.

Amo Achille
Two years ago, Amo Achille released the grime hit ‘Boyz In The Yard’ under the Warner Music label, but he didn't feel satisfied yet because the song didn’t feel true to himself. He took some time to develop his own voice and sound, which definitely paid off. His debut album ‘The Romantic Tragedy of Mistress’ is produced completely independent and will be released soon. For now, you can already vibe to the dark and broody single ‘Sloppy Master’.

Martha Da'ro
Martha Da’ro, who you might recognise from the movie "Black" and hip-hop collective Soul’Art, is embarking on a new adventure: a career as a solo-artist. She calls her music “soulful without being soul” and loves to keep it playful. This becomes clear while listening to her single ‘Summer Blues’, in which she combines English and French lyrics. Martha already announced that her debut EP ‘Cheap Wine & Paris’ will be releasing soon, so be on the lookout for that!

Amery has been releasing singles since 2017 with the label Weird !s Good. His music grabbed international attention when Elton John himself praised his song "I Need Lovin’' on his BBC radioshow. His latest hit 'You Know' is more slowed down and intimate. It's a vulnerable song about the relatable topic of a heartbreak. We at Chase are excited for his future projects!

WAYI comes from the same label as Amery. She started by posting covers to Youtube and has already featured on songs with TheColorGrey and K1D, but now she's working on her own debut EP 'Love in Progress'. The release of the EP got delayed because WAYI is still trying to perfect everything. In the meantime, we can already enjoy her smooth voice in the single 'Temporary'. She has said that she has difficulties talking about her feelings, but she knows how to express them perfectly in this song.

Kai wén
Chase already interviewed Kai wén back in 2017, the year he won 'De Nieuwe Lichting', Studio Brussel's music competition (you can read the interview here). He recently released his sultry EP 'Yukkuri' and has already started working on new music. The uptempo R&B hit 'Name' is only a sneak peek of what we can expect from this young talent the coming year.

Did we forget your favourite Belgian R&B artist? Let us know in the comments so we can include them next time!



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