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Where to get that green bling: upcycled and sustainable jewellery brands

At Chase, we love sustainable fashion. Buying second hand is a good start to get away from the fast fashion industry. Buying items made from repurposed materials in the first place might be an even more sustainable option. Various brands and independent stores that sell upcycled and recycled accessories are popping up everywhere. We made a limited selection of a couple on trend sustainable jewellery brands!

Article by Lauren Quataert

Picture by Natalia Majchrzak for LIVE-TO-EXPRESS


LIVE-TO-EXPRESS is a Dutch jewellery brand that sells earrings from vintage deadstock. The pieces are dated from the 1960s up to the '90s but have never been worn before. Why buy something brand new, when there are still tons of beautiful vintage pieces out there? In their online store, you’ll definitely find a very affordable set of earrings that makes you stand out of the crowd!

Picture by CVM·ILLE


The Parisian brand CVM·ILLE creates unisex, sustainable and vegan jewellery. Their pieces have a robust look and are crafted by hand with a lot of attention for detail. The entire process, from electricity and water usage to photoshoot props and packaging is 100% cruelty-free and sustainable.

The brand works in a local short circuit, keeping the consumption process responsible and respectful for the environment. All the pieces are made with vegan wax and recycled brass, gold or silver by local craftsman and women in the workshop in Paris. The brand does, however, have a link with Belgium: their creative offices are located in Antwerp.

This brand is quite expensive, but sometimes you're allowed to treat yourself. Even more when it’s a sustainable treat. In addition, 2% of the selling price is also donated to Les Luttes à Lier for the creation of the first animal sanctuary in the Paris region, where animals are saved from a life of abuse, breeding, or slaughter. You can find all the information about their way of working in detail on the website, as well as the online shop with several collections.

Picture by Bidules


Eyewear isn't really considered jewellery, but Bidules is too good to not include in this list. The Brussels-based store is, in fact, a family business which still runs by the name of the shop of the founder’s grandfather. He first opened the original Bidules in 1934 in Arlon.

Nicholas, the grandson, owns the shop now and is the fourth generation of a family of eyewear addicts. He and his team upcycle old glasses into brand new, ready-to-wear pieces. They are on a never-ending search for vintage glasses, iconic designs and old stocks to bring them back to life. Nicholas wants to push back the trend of spectacles becoming fast moving consumer goods by turning old, but decent models into new unique eyewear pieces. Bidules has a small e-collection, but all the frames are available in their store in Brussels, as well as many other models.

Picture by NimZu


Natasha Casteleyn creates handmade jewellery under the name of NimZu. She gets the inspiration for her simple and vibrant style from her many travels. Her workshop is located in Antwerp, the town where she finally settled after having travelled the world in her twenties. She actually discovered her love for silversmithing during a one-year honeymoon trip in Australia and Southeast Asia.

The gold and silver used for the handmade pieces are supplied by a certified company using only recycled metals. Natasha chooses not to work with acids or chemicals but only natural products. Her jewellery is focused on young women who are looking for quality, sustainability and craftsmanship rather than fast fashion. All the pieces are very affordable and the designs are really easy to get into.

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