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Watch Kendrick Lamar Live at Coachella

We assume you've been listening to Kendrick's highly anticipated new album Damn. for the past 24 hours and are already eagerly awaiting the second part on Easter. In case that second album doesn't happen, the Californian festival Coachella got you covered. They are live streaming Kendrick's full show this Sunday. 

You're probably - like us - among the thousands of people who couldn't make it to the Californian dessert for this music festival highlight of the year. No worries, you can just sit back, relax and watch more than 80 performances over the whole weekend. Coachella's livestream page is set up beautifully with every concert set to your local time and you can even make a schedule of shows you don't want to miss out on. 


The livestream started yesterday with artists like Sampha and Stormzy, but there's plenty more of awesomeness coming up. Today (Saturday) has a whole lot of rap, hip hop and R&B, with the likes of Schoolboy Q, Future and wonder-boy Mura Masa who's scheduled to give you some late-night chill vibes. 

On Sunday you can watch some artists that’ll appear on our own Belgian festival grounds this summer. Get a feeling what to expect at Dour from Kaytranada and Nao for example. Last but not least closing Coachella: Kendrick Lamar. You’ll have to get up early to catch his performance though, since his concert is set from 7:45 till 9 on Monday morning.

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