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Watch the full Niveau 4 show at Ancienne Belgique here

After a spectacular show in front of 7000 people at Couleur Café this summer, this years Niveau 4 collective set Ancienne Belgique on fire last night. 

Stars of the show where: Zwangere Guy, L'Or Du Commun, TheColorGrey, Le 77, Darrell Cole, ISHA, Junior Goodfellaz & DJ Vega and special guests Roméo Elvis & Blu Samu and Niel Soetaert on guitar. Just like last summer they closed down the show with a hyped performance of Isha's 'Oh Putain', making the 1300 people strong crowd tear of the roof. Watch this moment, starting from 1:20:00 in the video. 

For more info about Niveau 4 check out our interview with Gilles Vanesse and Samy Wallens who started the concept in 2016. 

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