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Why be vex when you can urbex – Hasselt

If you love photography and micro-adventures, you will also like ‘urbexing’. This exciting trend of urban exploring is all about looking for abandoned places and capturing that industrial, dismal vibe in your pictures.

Our team member Brecht Machiels went urbexing in Hasselt and discovered quite some picturesque urban gems. Do you want to visit these locations too? Unfortunately, we can't share the exact addresses as the whole point of urbexing is to keep the locations a secret and to motivate you to go and find them yourselves!

Article by Rosanne Coetsier, pictures by Brecht Machiels/

Location X

Brecht started his mini-adventure at an old hotel that was partially rebuilt. Unfortunately, the whole restoration project suddenly got cancelled and vandalism found its way to the site. However, the semi-built abandoned hotel shows lots of natural light which makes it ideal to take interesting industrial shots.

Location Y

Secondly, Brecht took us to a deserted house. With books and bottles of wine still on the table in the kitchen, the place feels like the owners just left seconds ago. Time literally stood still in this house and it’s definitely a remarkable experience to walk through and take pictures.

Location Z

Finally, Brecht discovered an old industrial property, probably an ancient factory that processed something ‘sand-related’ as he mentions in the story he made on our Instagram account. Compared to location X, this place doesn’t look that vandalized or derelict, even the work shoes of the employees are still standing there, ready to be used. The empty hall offers a great opportunity to take astonishing urbex pictures!

You don’t necessarily have to be into photography to go ‘urbexing’ as it can be exciting for anyone who likes exploring a new city and its surroundings. Nonetheless, a small disclaimer feels necessary: ask the owners to take pictures to prevent entering a property you don’t have permission to step foot on. In addition, be careful when exploring abandoned sites that often lie derelict and in a poor state of repair, safety first! Thus, make sure you respect the locations at all times and be cautious while doing so.

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