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Online Workshop: Social Media Advertising with Chase Creative

After last month’s workshops on Social Media Management, we got some questions about advertising. This is why we’re bringing you a brand-new workshop on Social Media Advertising! For the past workshops, we were so lucky to be able to welcome everyone in real life! However, this time Covid is back with a vengeance, meaning online is where you’ll find us, on Zoom to be precise.

So, are you interested in a career in social advertising? Or do you have your own product or project that you’d like to promote? Well, during this workshop, you will learn the ins and outs of social media advertising on all the relevant platforms. From Facebook ads and Instagram promotions to LinkedIn advertising and more. After only 2 hours, you’ll grasp the basic concepts necessary to set up a campaign, schedule your ads and reach your goals.

Once again, Celien Feys from Chase Creative will be guiding you through the realm of social advertising. As an experienced Social Media Manager at Chase Creative, she has worked for clients like XITE, FOX tv, Bomboclat Festival, Hip Hub Hooray, and many more.

We’ll see you on November 23rd, from 19:00-21:00 through this Zoom link.

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