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Youtune gathers the community based radio stations of YouTube

A lot of live radio stations have been popping up on YouTube lately. Most of these online radio's just run on someone's laptop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some grow exponentially until thousands of people are always listening at any given time. Others stay small, unnoticed, and maybe have a listener or two once in a while. But there's always one thing they have in common: they're created by someone who's really passionate about a certain type of music. That's why Belgian student Jolan Wuyts created Youtune, a website that gathers these stations. 

Jolan told Chase: “I love these YouTube radio’s because they are created by passionate users, not companies. There’s only royalty free music playing, made by other online content creators. They create a community of people who just like to listen to the same type of music." Youtune is a website that aims to make it easier to detect these stations by filtering all the clutter on YouTube. It makes it really straightforward to discover all different types of new music, without being disturbed by advertisements. You can just pick a genre or mood and play it in the background while doing some work or relaxing.

Here's a video of a live channel we discovered on Youtune. Just some hip hop beats while driving through Japan. We could watch this all day long. 



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