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Young B and MAS Antwerpen present ‘Dreams’, a song about Linkeroever

In the context of a new exhibition, called ‘Le Corbusier. Linkeroever - Chandigarh’ MAS Antwerpen teamed up with rapper Young B, the founder of River Side Studio vzw, to make a song that represents Linkeroever.

Text by Jeroen Poelmans

In the MAS museum in Antwerp, you can currently visit the exhibition ‘Le Corbusier. Linkeroever - Chandigarh’. The expo tells the story of Le Corbusier, an architect who believed that the way a city is built can improve the lives of its residents. He is the one who drew up plans for Antwerp-Linkeroever, and who built an entirely new city in India, called Chandigarh. This exhibition not only explores the ideas of Le Corbusier, it also lets you explore both places.

In order to allow people to take a look behind Linkeroever’s façades, MAS has worked with several local companies, organisations and talents. Among them is Young B, a rapper who grew up in Linkeroever. MAS entrusted him, and his project ‘River Side Studios’, with the final space in the exhibition. He was asked to make a song about Europark, the neighbourhood in Linkeroever he’s so proud of.

The result is Dreams, a song about dreams that become reality. Young B is pretty clear about them: they only do when you work hard and don’t give up. “Believe in yourself. You’re the only one that can take control of your life. No one is going to do that for you.”

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