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Youssef drops ‘Bagage’, the first single of his debut EP

Meet Youssef, a 22-year-old rapper straight outta Genk. You might know him from his participation in GenksterSquad, his tracks ‘Domme Lifestyle’ and ‘97’ or his features on Onze Zaak’s ‘De Tijd’ and Chaz & Djalu’s recent album ‘Eclips’. After years of recording demo’s with his friend and producer Djalu, Youssef now feels like it’s about time to release his very own finished project.

Text by Melissa Awouters

‘Bagage’ is the first single of Youssef’s upcoming debut EP. The video clip shows him strolling around the districts of his hometown, visiting the places where he grew up.

It tells the story of two different stages in Youssef’s life, both very recognisable to most of us. “It's about the younger me who doesn’t know what he wants and who does stupid things because of this. There's also the older me who discovers which things in life are important and who turns his life around. It’s about getting older, growing up and evolving,” he tells us. A theme which he continues to explore throughout the rest of his EP.

He seems totally ready for what’s coming next. Check out his first single for yourself!

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