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Internship at Chase

Throughout the whole year, Chase, Chase Creative and Chase Academy are actively looking for interns. We prefer you can join our teams for a longer period (preferably 2 to 3 months, with a minimum of 6 weeks). We have offices in both Ghent and Hasselt.

We’re also looking for interns from outside of Belgium that are interested in doing an internship abroad. You’ll get the opportunity to connect with our local creators, broaden your network and get to know cities as Ghent or Hasselt. You can apply for an internship at any time during the year.

After you have completed the form below, we screen your application and let you know if we invite you for an interview. We expect our interns to be eager to learn, independent, tech-savvy and are especially keen to do a lot of work and enjoy the work. You will be guided by professionals and get as much feedback as possible. Interest and knowledge in at least one of our main themes (urban music, lifestyle, digital and society) are necessary!

Want to see what our interns and contributors think about working at Chase? Check this article 'Why you should join our Chase team'!

And have a look into our office in Ghent in this article!

If you're interested in the content creation process and you want to learn everything on how our community makes the content for Chase, you can join one of the two postgraduates Chase Academy offers. The Digital Storytelling Postgraduate is a collaboration of Chase Academy and KASK School of Arts. The other program, Digital Content and Journalism is a collaboration between Artevelde University College and our Academy. If VR, 360° video, fashion, lifestyle, hiphop, social media management, social video creation, photoshop... are terms that spark enthousiasm in you, then join the Chase Academy for the next academic year!