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Chase is a group of urban digital creators. We make videos, photos, articles, social stories, and podcasts on urban music and society. Are you a motivated creator with an interest in those topics? Are you looking for a platform to showcase your digital talents? Chase might be the ideal environment to turn your passion as a creator into a profession! 

​We offer
Through our feedback, coaching, and workshops, you’ll learn things school didn’t tell you about the ever-changing digital world. First of all, you’ll connect with like-minded creators, artists, managers, and promoters. You'll also get access to concerts, events, and exhibitions to create online stories, take pictures, or shoot video.

Be aware that we do not offer any financial payment at this point in the process. Although when you mastered your skills, there's a chance that you'll get paid assignments through our agency Chase Creative. Our agency works together with companies such as Fox TV, Xite, Red Bull, and many others.

We expect
In return, we expect you to have a regular engagement, that you fulfill commitments and deadlines, and help promote our platform. Apply now as places are limited! If you’re selected, we'll invite you to an editorial meeting or to the intake days in Ghent, Brussels, or Hasselt. See you soon?

If you're rather looking for an internship at Chase, we often welcome engaged students who can join our team for a period of 6 weeks at least. Check out our Internship-page.


You can also join the Chase Academy. We offer two postgraduate courses on everything concerning digital storytelling and digital content, VR, 360° video, social media management, Photoshop... The Digital Storytelling Postgraduate is a one-year program in collaboration with KASK School of Arts. The Digital Content and Journalism Postgraduate is a collaboration with Artevelde University College and has two sessions per academic year. If you are interested, click the button below for more information about the two programs. 

We ask for your personal information so that we are able to contact you. If you wish to know more about how we will use this data, please read our privacy policy.