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Yung Talent Fund

Chase Music is a community with hundreds of young social media storytellers exploring the city. We're always looking for both fresh creative talent and financial partners to invest in those talented creators. Since 2012, we have been making videos, photos, articles, social stories, and podcasts on urban music and society. These stories are tailored to popular digital platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify. This way, we reach millions of Millennial and Gen Z audiences every year. 

Looking for great projects to strengthen your brand?

Chase is looking for financial partners to invest in young, creative talent. This will enable us to deliver quality social media content that reflects the strength of both our brands and that can reach a dedicated audience. Young creatives can grow as storytellers and your brand or organization will be linked to a fascinating story. Through this fund, you can profile yourself as a responsible brand or organization that helps to kickstart cultural and social change.


Are you a young motivated creator with a great story idea?

We can offer you the opportunity to work out your unique idea and offer you a platform to showcase your digital talents. We can also look for specific funding together, so you can get a reasonable fee in return. Along the way, we will coach you to sharpen your story, make it fit for social media, and eventually reach more people. Chase might be the ideal environment to turn your passion as a creator into a profession!


Example: our collaboration with Vlaams Journalistiek Fonds

Thanks to the subsidy of the Flemish Journalism Fund, Chase was given the opportunity to give the strongest stories and talents within our broad community new opportunities with a research grant, training, and customized guidance, all within an innovative journalism framework. During the project period, we created social stories for the world of our audience (urban music, urban culture) that took place in Flanders and Brussels. The stories were tailored to - and published on - Chase's social media channels and the end result was also shared on the social channels of the young makers and the Flemish Journalism Fund itself.

Check out the projects created within this call here.

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